17 May 2017

seek God with everything u r

Psalm 119:10 NIV
[10] I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.

i am seeking Him!

hiding God's word in my heart.

relinquishing every part of me to Him so i can experience full joy in my life.

the key to getting that full joy: obedience. simply do what God has spoken. and what has He spoken? simply this: Love God with everything u r. Share this with those around u.

God never told us we r to fight or face our enemy. He simply told us to love Him. it is God who fights our battles, provides whatever we need, and keeps us safe. He simply wants a relationship with us. obedience to the simple words He has spoken is all He asks.

when our children simply obey us we r inclined to reward them with what they ask for. when our children refuse to obey us, we r inclined to withhold the reward from them. it is the same with God. simple obedience to His word brings the blessings and rewards that we just have to share cuz we cannot contain them. the more we share God thru being obedient to Him, the more we find ourselves living in the abundance of joy no matter the circumstances. and becuz we r living in obedience, our faith grows exponentially.

in the end, obedience to God's simple request brings more than u can imagine.