28 September 2015

who is God to me?


father - one who has authority to speak into my life

daddy - one to whom i can go to for comfort, support


Saviour - the one who took my place

friend - one to whom i can chat with

rock - one whom i can depend on to be my foundation

Holy Spirit:

peace - one who lets me know He is with me

strength - one who helps me get thru

comfort - one who lets me know, 'i am not alone'

God has many characteristics that help me in my everyday living. which characteristics He shows depends on my need.

the most important characteristic God has is His ability to listen and hear. one that i need to continually work on. depending on my ability, or willingness, to listen makes a huge impact on how i perceive who God is.

the one thing i am most sure of is He is my rock. my foundation that gives me strength to stand against any trouble that may come. it also gives me a quiet peace that says "it's gonna be ok. i can do this."

God is everything to me.