05 April 2017


one of my devotions stood out to me very strongly this morning. in EVERYWHERE I GO: LEARNING TO SEE JESUS, something struck me very clearly, everything we do is a choice and every choice has a consequence. right choices bring good consequences; wrong choices bring bad cosequences.

1 Samuel 16, 17 - Saul has rejected God; Samuel, led by God to annoint a new king. David chooses to take a stand against Israel's enemy trusting in God with just 5 smooth river rocks.
Psalms 7-9 - David chooses to sing praises to God giving Him glory.
Genesis 13:11 - Lot chooses the easy way but ends up loosing everything.

Making Wise Choices
When the time came for Abram and Lot to part company, Abram gave Lot his choice of land in which to dwell. He gave Lot "first pick" so there would be no animosity between them. But Lot did not choose well. He decided to homestead in a place called Sodom - a place that would become synonymous with sin and disaster. How could Lot have made such a poor choice? Easy. Lot looked with his eyes. He saw a lovely, well-watered valley. He saw prosperity and riches and ease. Because generally speaking, we see what we love.
When I go to another town, I see churches. I look at their steeples, their grounds, their doors and windows. That's my love. I love the church. I have a good friend who sees cleaning businesses because that is his love. He'll drive through a small town and say, "Gosh, look at that, they've got a dry- cleaning operation." I wouldn't see it - but he does. 
Lot loved the easy life - and he saw a glimpse of it in Sodom. So he chose the valley. But in so choosing, he lost everything.
When we choose with only ourselves in mind, we mix together the deep drink of selfishness and godlessness with disregard for future consequences. And the combination, as Lot discovered, can be deadly.

my thoughts:
my hubby and i were discussing about things that have recently happened in our lives. the main concern was our son-in-law. we shared how we have seen growth within and really good changes. we also discussed how we see him struggling with pride and arrogance. this has caused him to be angry and hurtful towards his wife. it pains both of us and we have concluded that we need to stand in the courts of heaven with his wife and ask God to handle this. only thing we can do honestly.
now understand this, my daughter loves him deeply and i can see that he loves her. the actions he shows her is totally opposite of his words which negate what he says. this causes a lot of hurt and questions on her part. the struggle within him is most definitely a spiritual one. something he may or may not realize. this kind of thing can only be dealt with with prayer, fasting, and gap standing. 

Romans 12:1 NASB
[1] Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.

please pray for him (not giving out name). both my hubby and i want to see our son-in-law victorious in Christ. the spiritual battle will be won becuz Christ is the victor already. 

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