15 August 2017



You don’t need to be a prophetess like Deborah or a warrior like Gideon to be part of God’s plan. Faith and obedience are enough.

nothing more needed; filled.

accepting what one cannot see.

doing what u r told

my response:
help me Lord to faithfully obey for u r enough.

07 August 2017

let thankfulness overflow

07 August 2017

this morning, i was reminded in the following devotional that i need to be thankful for my many blessings. it reminded me of a phone call from mom just yesterday.

i have no excuse so i take blame where it belongs. i am learning to speak truthfully. i need to know and learn how to say it and where to say it. a learning process for sure. i am thankful for my mom as she has never given up on one who has always felt like an outsider. THANKS MOM!



Ezekiel 30-32; Philippians 1:3-4 NIV

[3] I thank my God every time I remember you. [4] In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy


"Count your many blessings," the old song says, "name them one by one." It seems the "common blessings" of life, family, friends, home, health are the most frequently overlooked. It helps to realize that no blessing is just for the moment - it's forever. Blessings "keep," and when difficult times come, we can remember the ways God has blessed us in the past, being confident He will do the same in the future. One man who understood this truth wrote a letter to a teacher who had taken special interest in him years before. This was her reply: "Dear Willie: I cannot tell you how much your note meant to me. I'm in my 80's and live alone in a small room, lonely like the last leaf of summer, lingering behind. You'll be interested to know that I taught school for 50 years, and yours is the first note of appreciation I have ever received. It came on a cold, blue morning, and it cheered me as nothing has in many years." He got so excited by her reply that he wrote another letter of thanks, this one to a friend some distance away who had lost his wife. He received this letter in return: "Dear Will: Your letter was so beautiful, so real, that as I sat reading it in my den, tears fell from my eyes, tears of gratitude. Then, before I realized what I was doing I rose from my chair and called her name to show it to her, forgetting for a moment that she was gone. You will never know how much your letter has warmed my spirit; I have been walking about in the glow of it all day long."

How long has it been since you have shown appreciation for the common blessings in your life? You have carried them in your heart for years. Isn't it time thanksgiving for them spilled out and blessed someone else?


count my blessings and leave the hurt, pain, ugliness in God's hands. do not say anything unless God opens the door to the one that hurt me. leave it off the public forums.

count my many blessings and act on those blessings to overflow to others.

it's not wrong to be hurt, have pain, or experience emotions. it's wrong when i let those hurts, pain, and emotions rule what i say and where. i have a lot to learn about what i should share, who i should share it with, and how it is shared. thank God for my mother. she loving "called me on the carpet" in phone call and told me how it hurt. i am humbly repenting before God this day. thank U, Jesus for my mom.